Rogers Electric prides itself in providing a safe workplace for its employees and clients. By investing in safety training and equipment, Rogers has significantly decreased on-the-job injuries, while improving employee performance and client satisfaction. In fact, the company’s safety regulations exceed those mandated by state and federal agencies. The key to maintaining a safety culture at Rogers Electric is the Safety Team. Their members average 20-plus years of experience in the industry, and are strategically located across the Rogers Electric footprint.

The Rogers’ Safety Program emphasizes rigorous training for all new hires; as well as continuing education and support from the Safety team to help get the job done, safely. The program includes:

  • Safety team members on-call 24/7 to provide technicians with a “safety hotline” which allows them to call a Safety Team member should they have any on-site questions or concerns,
  • Supplying each employee with industry-leading personal protection equipment to keep them safe while working,
  • Weekly safety meetings that address the selected safety topic in an open forum,
  • Conducting unannounced safety inspections on all job sites to ensure employees are complying with the safety program, and to make sure employees are following safe working conditions,
  • Providing a first aid kit at each construction site, as well as an employee who is CPR/First Aid trained and certified.

larry eaton


Manager of Safety Division

With 26 years of construction industry experience, Larry Eaton currently serves as Manager of Safety Division for Rogers Electric.

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